4.5 : fetid cyber-slum

First we headlined the “Racists at Coup 4.5”. Then the “Bombers at Coup 4.5”. Now we have the “Assassins at Coup 4.5”. Yes, folks, incredibly the principal anti-regime blog is now advocating the killing of what one contributor describes as “the Muslim terrorist” – Fiji’s Attorney General and second most senior figure in the government, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. Coinciding with the police raids in New Zealand over an alleged plot to kill the AG and Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, it’s yet another sign of the desperation among the regime’s opponents as Fiji moves towards the restoration of democracy. Unfortunately, the tenor of that opposition is becoming increasingly sinister.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum (Photo: Fiji Govt)

It’s an outrage that a website anywhere in the world would allow such a posting to pass the gatekeeper. And let’s be quite clear. There is simply no excuse because every comment submitted to this fetid cyber-slum is screened in advance. In an extraordinary act of hypocrisy for a supposed crusader for “democracy”, any comment that Coup 4.5 doesn’t agree with is routinely censored and rejected. These can be merely mildly supportive of aspects of government policy. Yet the truth is that these great “democrats” – who include some who pose as respectable citizens – are purveyors of the very brand of racism and violence that the Bainimarama government is pledged to eradicate.

Judge for yourself. At 11.02am on Wednesday July 18th 2012, an anonymous contributor says: “Someone should just volunteer to kill Aiyaz for the sake of Viti (Fiji) and the citizens of this beloved country. We can send you one SAS BA ( Special Air Services of the British Army ) if you guys can’t do it”. Oh really? Fabulous. The SAS – the most elite force in the British Army – is a training ground for Fijian assassins? It certainly gives new meaning to the SAS motto “He who dares, wins”. Is this person mad, a viavialevu (big noter) or is he serious? It doesn’t matter. Coup 4.5 should never have published this travesty.

Professor Wadan Narsey (Photo: Pacific Scoop)

It was preceded by the following posting at 10.58, again anonymous: “Why is (sic) the people of Fiji bowing down to that Muslim terrorist, Aiyaz? O cei na tamana kei tinana? (Who is his father and mother?) O cei o koya vei keda na itaukei? (who is he to we I’Taukei?) You people should stand and do something about him before its too late!

The contributor goes on to talk about the Attorney General’s alleged influence on the Prime Minister before an extraordinary diatribe about his alleged promotion of the Chinese cause.  Sa varau qori na compulsory vuli vosa vajaina! (They’re about to make the Chinese language compulsory in schools) Viti sa vakarau volitaki i China (Fiji is about to be sold to China) coz Fiji cant pay back its external borrowings from the Govt of the Republic of China! ( Eds note. This lunatic seems to be confusing Taiwan with China, the People’s Republic.

Victor Lal (Photo: Pacific Scoop)

And then : Ni yadra mada ni kila na ka e yaco tiko i loma ni office vakamatanitu!. (Wake up to what’s happening at the centre of Government)moce VT!! (Goodbye Fiji)  Ni vakamatei koya e initiate taka tiko na master plan! (Kill the person who is initiating the master plan!)

This incitement to the killing of any human being is unforgivable, especially in the Fiji context. Coup 4.5 is a coward’s castle in which every article is anonymous except for a handful from mainstream commentators. So it’s time for those commentators – notably Professor Wadan Narsey and the Oxford-based investigative journalist Victor Lal – to face some questions. Do you – Narsey and Lal – endorse the sentiments expressed on Coup 4.5? Do you think that they are appropriate in the Fiji context, or indeed in any context? Will you publicly repudiate and disassociate yourselves from this incitement to kill a fellow Fijian? Why do you allow your writing to add lustre to an anonymous scandal sheet that not only purveys lies and disinformation but advocates violence?  It’s time for those who do put their names to Coup 4.5 to declare themselves, to say whether they support these sentiments or reject them. Because right now, their silence implies one of two things – tacit support or turning a blind eye.

 This article has subsequently appeared in the Fiji Sun.