A Howler monkey calls his fellow "journalists" at Coup 4.5 (photo:Wildtrack)

There’s something decidedly pathetic when the so-called journalists on the main anti-government website in Fiji are duped into running counterfeit emails. Coup Four and a Half has tonight run the following alleged email exchange between Grubsheet and Sharon Smith Johns, the Permanent Secretary for Information in the Fiji Government. It didn’t happen, there is no such correspondence and anyone with half a brain would instantly recognise it as fraudulent. For a start, I joined Qorvis last month so the notion of Sharon Smith Johns wanting to  “talk to my colleagues” at Qorvis about anything on August 15th is risible. They weren’t my colleagues. I was NOT working for Qorvis at the time of the SDL submission.

The language is all wrong and even the one tiny element of potential plausibility doesn’t make the grade. On the one occasion Sharon Smith Johns and I have shared a bottle of wine a deux, it was Pinot Noir, not Shiraz. I distinctly recall her telling me when the waitress was there to take our order that she didn’t like Shiraz. No matter. Coup 4.5 says the email came from “a most reliable source”. Yes, fellas, the same one that said Christmas had come early because the Prime Minister and his Attorney General “had been arrested”. Or that they had “millions of dollars in Chinese bank accounts”. Yeah, right. Tomato source, Worcester source, Chilli source. Those I know. “Impeccable”, I don’t when this sort of rubbish is given even the veneer of authenticity.

This latest claim is as ridiculous as many of the others on 4.5 and does nothing to lend credibility to its other stories. It’s indicative of two things – the poor quality of the “journalists” who write for this cyber rag and their desperation as Fiji powers on towards the promised election of 2014. They’ve been marginalised and are reduced to publishing counterfeit emails from “impeccable sources” who are clearly even more desperate then they are. But read on….

Correspondence shows Smith-Johns and Davis working glove in hand

An email that clinches the modus operandi of  Aussie expats Sharon Smith-Johns, the regime mouthpiece, and Graham Davis, ‘independent journalist’. The email has been printed as it was sent to us and because people are bound to ask, we can only say we have no reason at this stage to doubt its authenticity. It has come via a most reliable source. Bloggers will recall the controversial SDL submission was the regime’s ‘big story’ recently and that Davis went all out to use it to try to discredit the country’s biggest political party.

From: sharonsjohns@gmail.com
Date: August 15, 2012 5:38:00 PM GMT+12:00
To: Graham Davis <grahamdavis@grubstreet.com.au>
Subject: SDL submission


Here is the link I promised you.


The speaker clearly says this is the SDL submission so you can really lay into them. He also comes across as a fuckwit and his partner looks like a shoe shine boy.

I showed it to the PM and I have not seen him laugh so much in ages. He believes this will really kill all credibility of the SDL and they are now dead.

I spoke to your colleagues at Qorvis and we believe we have got the right level of commentators on Grubsheet, we have pretty much shut down the dissenters, but let me know if you feel we need to get more debate going.

Let’s meet up next week when you are over so we can have a few wines, that Shiraz you gave me last time was to die for.


Sharon Smith Johns

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Information, National Archives & Library Services of Fiji

Ph (+679) 3301806 | Mob (+679) 9905558 | Fax (+679) 3305139 | Web: www.fiji.gov.fj |

GPO Box 2225, Government Buildings
Suva, Fiji Island

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