What on earth does it mean?

As the Marc Edge saga plays on at the University of the South Pacific, Dr Edge himself has made an extraordinary posting on Fiji Media Wars -his own website. He’s published the front page of a Marvel comic book – The Mighty Thor – under the heading ” Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad”. There is no other text whatsoever. What does it all mean? Does the Good Doctor fancy himself as Thor locked in mortal combat? Grubsheet is at a loss to explain, though perhaps a clue lies in the following explanation from Yahoo Answers:

It’s a very old phrase, dating back to ancient times. So old, in fact, the no one can really be sure who said it first.

Look at what the phrase says and what is implied. What we can observe and what we cannot. There are very few who would claim to know the will of the Divine… but almost everyone has an opinion on whether someone is behaving irrationally or not.

So if you see someone who is acting crazy, what should you think? This phrase tells you: perhaps the gods themselves want to destroy this person.

It’s the word ‘first’ that puts a quirk on the whole thing. The gods aren’t going to destroy someone JUST by making them mad. That’s just the FIRST step. Presumably, what follows will not be any more pleasant. But, driven by the gods, it will be unopposable by mere mortals.

So the expression is a warning. You will probably see it occur when someone thinks someone else is behaving strange or crazy. It’s another way of saying that such a madman is doomed to destruction, and a wise person would quickly escape himself!

Mmm. All rather ominous, dear Reader, don’t you think? The latest word from USP is that the Vice Chancellor has called an emergency meeting to discuss the “Edge problem” and particularly the open warfare that’s erupted in these columns between USP students. We’ll keep you posted.